Thanks very much for the course. It was brilliant! Really enjoyed it! New stuff for my wee brain to get confused on  🙂


I really enjoyed the course, especially all your funny stories!  I was really worried about coming on the course as I had no previous plant or water testing experience, but the pace was great and very informative.  I learned a lot in the last few days and have a much greater knowledge of chemicals, pool tests and how the pool plant works.

Evelyn McGrath

Thanks again for an enjoyable 3 day course and although I have been working with my pool for 13 years now, I have picked up on a number of practices and understandings from the course that I will greatly benefit from and the users of my pool should also reap the rewards.  Would like to know my test results when you get the chance.


Just wanted to thank you for the course this week, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and came away with some great knowledge and more understanding of how swimming pools work on the other side of how I use them.

Julie Dixon

Can I just thank you again for a very informative, well delivered course, which the boys seemed to enjoy. It will  definitely benefit them with their day to day pool duties.

Kevin Morrison

Would like to say thank you for a really good course. I found it interesting and inspirational.

Thanks again

Lee Paterson

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, wealth of experience and enthusiasm for Swimming Pools over the past three days.
Your relaxed style made it very enjoyable.
Anyway now for the serious part here is my email as requested so you can forward my result…….!



I couldn’t have done it without your great help, you made things fun!  Take care and if your ever passing please pop in and see me.