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The PASOQ Education Board is made up of Tutors and Trainers who are actively involved in the management and operation of commercial and public facilities.  Their remit is to oversee and maintain the Standards, Quality and Continued Development of all PASOQ qualifications.

Our highly experienced tutors have a vast amount of managerial, technical and practical knowledge of the swimming pool and leisure industry, so you are in very safe hands.

It is a myth that there is only one body that can award a Pool Plant Qualification.

One particular awarding body describes their qualification as the ‘Gold Standard’. This is purely a marketing term. There is no ‘Gold Standard’.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that the training and development we undertake on your behalf will have a positive impact on the future performance of your staff.

We will provide training that motivates and informs individuals in order to help them achieve their full potential, thereby helping your organisation achieve its corporate goals.

H&S Guidelines

There are a number of qualifications available.  Provided they meet H&S guidelines they all have legitimacy.  UK law stipulates that swimming pools should be managed in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

Health and Safety legislation continually refers to the obligation in law for employers to provide ‘suitable and sufficient training and information’ to employees.

The PASOQ Technician Certificate complies with the Health & Safety Executive guidelines document HSG 179  and the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) Code of Practice for Swimming Pool Water – July 2021 (updated to reflect the requirements of Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools (HSG 179) November 3 2017)

General Data Protection Policy

We respect the privacy of our customers. PASOQ use information you provide only to fulfil the administrative requirements of our business, whether this is for training purposes or invoicing.

Your personal data will never be passed on to third parties.

PASOQ ensure that our company records are kept securely, as required by law and best practice. Company records which are no longer required are disposed of in a secure way.

Customers have the right to request to access information that may be held on them. Where this is request is made, PASOQ will aim to provide this information within 30 days or will notify you within 30 days of any lawful reason for refusal of this information.

Team Up with PASOQ!

We are always looking to develop business relationships with other companies across the UK. For more information please get in touch with a member of our executive team.